Thursday, January 21, 2010

Savers Store SCORE

Went to Savers yesterday not expecting to find anything cool or useful when these guys caught my eye...

ELASMOSAURUS\ first glance I thought it was a plesiosaurus, but it's its larger cousin. This reminds me of the animal\dinosaur toys IMPERIAL made back in the 80s, I thought it was until I looked at its stomach- made in 2006, by Toy Major Trading Co; Ltd. This is gonna make a neat prop, I hope there's a pteranodon in the line so I can reenact scenes from Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds. I need to google this toy company since this toy reminds me of something that "belonged in the 80s".

GI JOE\ dunno who this guy is and only bought him to be the "endo-skeleton" to my Mazinger Z figure. I didn't draw the unibrow and beard.

BANDAI CREATIONS GIGAN 2004\ when I first saw this guy I thought it was the Bandai Japan import (which can go up to $35 on the internets) but on closer inspection, its from the North American line. It was only $2.99 so I snagged it click (actually, all these purchases were $2.99!!!)

MACH 5\ Speed Racer's trusty race car. Dunno if this is from the toy line to the live-action movie.


  1. My autistic son has had that exact elasmosaurus toy for years. It comforts him, and he goes to bed with it. He's used it so much that the head has come off, and he is still carrying it around. I've tried to replace it with several other long necked dinosaurs, and he's having nothing to do with any of them. If you find a way to get another please let me know. I'd actually by more than one if I can get them as back ups. He's 15 now, and because he is autistic, he will likely like them his whole life. I've searched the web, and this is the only one I've seen.

  2. Hi there! I found your post because I was looking for this toy as well. We have some of the other toys made around the same time by Toy Major Trading but this one seems very rare. Ours was mistakenly taking into a pool by some other boys and got water inside so it had to be thrown out. My son still has me looking for a replacement years later! If you ever happen to find another one or are interested in selling this, I'd be willing to buy it off of you.