Sunday, March 22, 2009


a MONDEGREEN is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a statement or a song lyric (from

here are only a few of my own misinterpretations from my childhood on up.

(and don't you hate it when the lyrics in your head sound better than the actual ones?)

*the real lyrics are in ITALICS 

She Loves You (The Beatles)
"The shoes she's thinking of"
"It's you she's thinking of"

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles)
"Pissing in the sky with diamonds"
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

Obstacle 1 (Interpol)
"I wish I could eat the salt off your left favorite lip"
"I wish I could eat the salt off your lost faded lips"

"She fucks me" (repeat 6 times)
"She packs it away" (repeat 6 times)

A Time To Be So Small (Interpol)
"Re-horsing an erection he wasn't even there"
"Rehearsing interaction he wasn't even there"

I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
"Shinin' up the both my shoes, give 'em a brand new shine"
"Shinin' up the both my shoes, put on a brand new shirt"

"I'll put out a beautiful word if you say that you love me"
(OR: "Oh, it'd be a beautiful world if you say that you love me")
"I'll get off early from work if you say that you love me"

Heart of Glass (Blondie)
"Don't you mistrust what's far behind"
"Mucho mistrust, love's far behind"

"Your cheatin' eyes (or lies) have been loved"
"You teasing like you do"

"Lost in time, I double all illusion and I get a high (or along) (or a lot)"
"Lost inside, adorable illusion and I cannot hide"

"And I run and hide although it's just a drewish (or foolish) lie (or line)"
"And I run and hide yeah, riding on love's true bluish light"

"Seemed like the real thing, Oh Mormons are fine (or though moments aside)"
"Seemed like the real thing only to find..."

more to come...

Monday, March 16, 2009

25 Facts About American Cheese

Ehhhhhh, I think for my first blog entry I'll just post some random facts about myself...

1.) I LOVE the woodlands and thick forests. It's like I'm on another planet and the feeling is AMAZING. 

2.) When I was a little kid, I wanted to be the guy in the Godzilla suit (a dream shared with Tim Burton)

3.) My favorite directors include: 

George Romero 
Sogo Ishii 
Terrence Fisher 
Ishirô Honda 
Tim Burton
Lloyd Kaufman 
Takeshi Kitano 
Trey Parker
Jun Fukuda 
Wes Anderson 
Teruo Ishii
John Carpenter 
Takashi Miike 
Steven Spielberg 

4.) The foreign languages I would love to learn the most are: 

Japanese* ("Kaijû mite nandesuka?")
Italian ("Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave")
French ("Ce soir on sort et on oublie tout")
Russian ("I must break you")

*I took two semesters of Japanese in college, but with time I'm afraid my Japanese became a little rusty.

5.) I have phobias of:

Drag Queens (not that there's anything wrong with that)
Swimming in deep bodies of water
Zombies (Thriller gave me my nightmares as a three year old)

6.) My five biggest "celebrity" crushes are:

Asia Argento

Jessica Lange

Edwige Fenech

Christina Ricci

Kaoru Yumi

7.) Some of my favorite actors include:

Peter Cushing

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

Peter Sellers

Michael Keaton

Roy Scheider

Tetsuro Tamba

Christopher Lee

Buster Keaton

8.) The platypus and beaver are my favorite animals. They're just so damn weird looking and knee slapping hilarious to watch and observe.

9.) I share a birthday with my good friend Lorene, Peter Weller (the guy who played Robocop) and Nancy Allen (the lady who played Robocop's partner, Lewis)

10.) My favorite color is green. To me, its the color of life, nature, peace, relaxation and comfort

11.) I think Looney Tunes is America's finest achievement in animation. My absolute favorites are all the ones done by Chuck Jones.

12.) If I had tons of money, I'd buy acres of land and just adopt unwanted pets.

13.) From age fifteen to age twenty-three, I took my camcorder everywhere with me.

14.) I can only work on creative projects when alone. If someone comes up from behind to watch I freeze up completely. I don't even have to turn my heard, I know when someone's looking over my shoulder. 

15.) I'm a hopeless romantic and I hate it.

16.) I've always wanted to sing Bruce Springteen's "Dancing In The Dark" at karaoke and invite a girl up to the stage and dance. (although I would need a few drinks in me first)

17.) I live in the desert, so any animal larger than a jackrabbit is like seeing Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I freaked and froze up in awe when I saw my first coyote.

18.) Some of my favorite songs in the world:

Rain (The Beatles)
Leif Erikson (Interpol)
Young Folks (Peter Bjorn and John)
Heart Of Glass (Blondie)
My Little Town (Simon and Garfunkle)
Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
My Sweet Lord (George Harrison)
My Name Is Jonas (Weezer)
Bettie Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)
Cantaloop [Flip Fantasia] (US3)
Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
Black And White Town (Doves)

19.) My favorite film composers include:

Akira Ifukube
John Barry
Basil Poledouris
James Horner (pretty much JUST for Krull)
Masaru Satô
Isao Tomita
Danny Elfman (up to Men In Black)
John Williams (up to Jurassic Park)

20.) My dream project would include:

razor wielding killer apes
giant monsters
naked go-go dancers in body paint

21.) When I was four or five I:

broke my arm
had eye surgery
impaled my foot with a rusty nail (which was attached to a piece of broken fence)

22.) The food that never fails to make me vomit is tuna fish. It tastes bad, it smells bad, it looks bad and sounds bad. A close second would be mushrooms.

23.) When I was really little, I though everything in the world before 1965 was all in black and white. I also thought people started saying the really nasty bad language after 1967.

24.) The WORST movies I have ever seen include...

Spider-man 3
Swim Fan
Mighty Peking Man
Rob Zombie's Halloween name only a few (I'm talking movies so bad they make you want to take the dvd out of the player and stomp the ever loving shit out of it)

25.) I'm a contradiction. I love modern architecture, but I hate urban growth. I abhor violence, but can't get enough of it on any medium. I love sleaze, trash, the eru-guro in book and film, but I'm a feminist and sort of innocent. I'm a dog person, but only see myself getting a cat. I'm all about love, peace, equality, fairness, justice, animal rights, freedom, liberty, all that good stuff; but I hate hippies and the REALLY far left (just as much as I hate the REALLY far right).