Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year and decade everyone! This will be the year of productivity- already getting started on new projects such as miniature buildings, effects test shots (of the retro kind), photography, fake trailers, art work, special make-up fx, re-editing old movies, fake trailers with already shot footage, new videos, prep work for a webisode series with a good friend, upcoming gigs, short films, AFTER EFFECTS, saving some goddamn money and even more photography!

I also set up a tumblr account, I'll post the link once I have some stuff up there, it will mainly be a "dumping ground" for photos and videos that don't have anything to do with "blogging", that and I want a separate blog dedicated to only photos and videos. Any who, here's a pic of Olivia Newton-John from her "Physical" days.

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